Hi all, my name is Kalin Biban and I am here to show you how you can use your own breath and body, to handle physical and psychological stress and fatigue.

To say a word or two about me, I have trained martial arts actively for 13 years and I have had an interest in the human body since I was 7 or 8 years old. Having been blessed and cursed with an over-active head-brain, I have struggled with a lot of stress and anxiety for many years. These feelings had a huge impact on my attitude, social life and training in martial arts. It wasn’t until my university years that I started to gain a perspective on what stress was, how it can be destructive but also powerful and eye opening if accepted and worked with. During my studies, I also started practicing internal martial arts. These practices were teaching me to use my own body not only as a physical, but a psychological tool as well. I graduated on the Faculty of Psychology and continued practicing internal martial arts. Steadily, I understood that if our bodies are physical expressions of our minds, we can use them to learn about our true nature, express or release our thoughts, emotions and drives. For me, the truest way to work on our psychology is through our bodies.

The content you will find on this website is here to help you feel a little lighter. Here, I share my experience, I share exact practices that have helped me release physical and emotional stress. Whether you are an everyday person or an athlete, I hope to serve you in achieving your true power and potential.

Here to serve and learn alongside each one of you,
Kalin Biban